**IMPORTANT** Coronavirus (COVID-19) Home Protection Advice

Current national threat level: SEVERE (meaning an attack is highly likely) https://www.mi5.gov.uk/threat-levels


About us

Abchurch Group provides a global response to local and international client needs in the field of
  • Security
  • Risk Assessment
  • Procurement of Specialist Equipment
  • Specialist Training
Our reputation and results are built upon
  • Our Unrivalled Attention To Detail
  • Confidentiality
  • The Depth and
  • Breadth of Our Staff Experiences
  • Skills And Specialisms

    Assurance and Integrity.

    our services


    Providing fully licensed, highly confidential, fully security vetted and cleared, protection services to companies, families and individuals requiring UK and international bespoke security tailored to complement their lifestyle.

    • Executive Protection
    • Diplomatic Protection
    • Residential Security
    • Security Chauffeurs
    • Corporate Event / Special Event Security


    ISPS CODE compliant protection services in accordance with BMP5, super-yacht and yacht escorting, and vessel hardening

    • Armed maritime security teams to assist vessels through high-risk areas
    • On-board security teams for port protection and gangway control.


    Abchurch Group clients place their trust and reliance on us to help them design and procure class-leading equipment for civil defence, law enforcement, and military purposes. Our knowledge of, and strong relationships with, key suppliers and supply chains allows us to assist clients in gaining access to common and specialist items in an efficient and secure way, including delivery on a global basis.


    Abchurch Group has played a fundamental part in its clients abilities to avoid, resolve and overcome hostile situations through its highly customised training programmes.

    • Close protection
    • Diplomatic protection
    • Surveillance and counter surveillance
    • Maritime security
    • Civil and military training
    • K9 supply and training and gangway control


    This is the first line of defence for any theatre whether a residential, commercial or diplomatic premises or business.

    Abchurch Group provide a world-renowned detailed comprehensive review of every facet, risk, dependency and issues that may affect your security.

    • A full physical security analysis
    • Penetration Testing and Surveillance
    • Counter-Surveillance measures

    We strive to create, maintain, and manage a safe and secure environment that is complemented by the most advanced pro-active measures and staff.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    Security Advice

    We are here for you.

    Here to protect you and your family, your home or estate and your peace of mind. We are working around the clock to protect those people and places most at risk from hospitals to homes, businesses to pharmacies.

    We will get through this together.

    We have been keeping clients safe across the world for 29 years. Our extraordinary teams are resilient, calm and experienced having operated in countless natural disaster areas, public order breakdown situations and war zones. Safely protecting countries and their citizens through terrorism, pandemics, civil unrest, strikes and cyber-attacks.

    We will help and inform.

    Now that so many of you are at home, we will be regularly posting informative video clips and blogs on our social media channels on how to stay safe during the outbreak, with expert tips, live Q&A sessions, and more.

    Let us know how we can help
    We are here for you
    Stay safe and well

    Abchurch Group provides a global response to local and international client needs in the field of security, risk assessment, procurement of specialist equipment, and specialist training.

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